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HiPPO Associates Limited

A UK Based training and consulting firm established to develop High Potential People and Organizations. We spread knowledge to those who seek brilliance and growth through personal development 




Learning & Development


Our Mission

  • To build confidence in those who pursue excellence -  personally and professionally

  • To contribute towards societal well-being through knowledge sharing

  • To close the knowledge / skills gap within your organization through custom built solutions

  • To transform organizations by developing grit in the people to seek continuous improvement and innovation

Featured Workshops

Volunteer Team

Building Global Citizens

Developing the youth of today to be global citizens and leaders of tomorrow through youth personality profiles.

Learn to relate to one another through shared values and shared humanity.



Image by Cristian Palmer

It Begins with ME

Personal development workshop using personality profiling.

Build self-awareness, understand behaviors and gain the grit to change your view of the world



Casual Meeting

Communicating to build positive relationships

Enhance your communication skills by understanding your own and others communication styles and preferences.




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We ensure you translate your learning into action


Create your future by being a learning organization


Ensure your learning journey, by not knowing more, but my implementing more

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