We develop LEADERS through covering various aspects of Leadership. Our programs help individuals understand themselves, thus be able to reflect and evolve over a period of time given the techniques and tools provided in the training sessions.

Leadership Training

Self-Reflection and Self-Evolution

Building Successful Teams 

Understanding ones own personality and those of others thus building understanding, tolerance and enhanced communication

Time Management and Prioritization

Managing time by breaking through procrastination, identifying methods of prioritization, learning to say no and delegating where appropriate

Developing Smart Objectives and Performance Management 

Objectives / Goals setting in alignment with the organizations strategic objectives, incorporating both KPIs and KBIs. Managing performance through dialogue.

Rewarding and Recognizing High Performance

Understanding the organizations' reward system, aligning performance to rewards and enhancing performance through motivation. Managing low performance and identifying methods to sustain high performance.

Effective Decision Making

Understand the factors involved in making decision. Learn techniques and identify a bespoke process on making well-considered decisions within your organization. 

Conducting Effective Meetings

Learn practical techniques to not only conduct meetings in an effective manner but bring a cultural shift of organized meetings and time management of meetings.

Managing Teams Through Coaching Techniques

Learn and practice coaching techniques that lead to effective staff management, encouraging contribution to the team, recognition of efforts and growth in the workplace.

The Emotional Intelligent Manager

Become a successful emotional intelligent manager by managing emotions appropriately in the workplace. Develop greater self-awareness and learn techniques to create a positive organizational culture.

Taking Personal Accountability

Understanding accountability within the organization and how personal accountability aligns with organizational values and performance management systems. Learn techniques of implementing and measuring personal accountability within your organization.

Management Principles in Successful Organizations

Understand various management styles, identify your management style, learn situational management, ethics, and use of power as a manager.

Providing Effective Feedback

Learn Effective methods of providing feedback - both positive and negative. 

Leading and motivating through feedback.

Effective Communication

Communicating by understanding how people process information - learning techniques of two way communication using emotional intelligence.

Smart Negotiations and Conflict Resolution

Learning practical techniques of negotiating smartly leading to a win-win situation, thus resolving a conflict