Our services focus on transforming people and organizations. We provide solutions to critical issues facing our clients. Our unique, personal, hands-on approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful. We provide a range of services and solutions that facilitate performance excellence and change and assist clients to achieve their vision and strategic objectives. We help develop organizations through the development of its people.

Corporate Strategy Development and Execution

We work closely with you to not only document your path to success but ensure that our change management practices incorporated into our methods, lead to the adoption of the new strategy. We help build corporate strategies and business unit strategies ensuring alignment across the organization. We will stand by you, during the implementation of the strategy to ensure it is understood, accepted and adopted across the entire organization.

Project Management

We provide the assistance required to make your projects and initiatives a success. This could include: 

a) managing projects for you from start to finish.

b) providing resources to you who will seamlessly integrate with your existing team to deliver the project successfully.

c) developing the tools and techniques required to make your initiatives successful and training your staff to utilize the tools moving forward.

Project Management Office

We provide the assistance required to make your projects and initiatives a success through the establishment of a PMO that seamlessly integrates the practices of all project managers by implementing international standards and practices. We work closely with you during the design of the PMO to ensure the established PMO meets the requirements of the business practice as well as the culture of the organization.

Agile Project Management

We specialize in providing solutions that help deliver products using seamless lean agile delivery practices. This is a unique method, where the focus begins with the teams and is based on your readiness to adopt the practices and readiness for change.

Business Process Improvement

We identify the issues within processes and provide solutions that deliver operational efficiency and overall business value. We work with the existing teams ensuring they are part of the project from start to finish. Our method is unique as we follow the Baldridge framework for performance excellence. We ensure that processes are linked and a holistic approach is taken towards operational efficiency